Third letter from God

My dear children,

the Corona virus is not your enemy. Your enemy are some of your laws and beliefs that do not fully comply with my plan. Please review them. The Corona crisis shows that you can do it.

I love your selfishness as much as your altruism. Selfishness may motivate you to do great things. Your concepts of private property and free market are great ideas. But please stop giving selfishness more power than it deserves. Stop making institutions out of it. Stop allowing corporations to be selfish. Corporations are no humans, they are a product of human imagination. They cannot have the same rights as humans. You cannot exempt them from responsibility and you cannot give them the right of a protected privacy.

I want justice. Please stop granting limited responsibility combined with unlimited profit to the wealthy among you. You know that every project bears a potential risk of causing damage. When a project turns out to be harmful, the wealthy among you, not the poor, must pay for repairing the damage.

Natural resources are mine, not yours. Please make clear that they are common resources and cannot be the private property of anybody. I mean them as a gift to all humans, to be managed together and not by some selfish group of them.

Come on! Stop saying that what I ask is too much! You can do it. Don’t believe that you can continue as before when the Corona crises has calmed down. I just want you to manage my property in a sustainable way. I won’t get tired of reminding you my plan.

Your Father in Heaven

(May 2020. See also Let my people go)