Sunday, June 21, 2020

Some is sin and some is virtue

After reading the news article Jewish leaders in Poland speak out against the ‘dehumanizing’ of LGTB people, I commented on Facebook:

I hope that Andrzej Duda will either get a clear message at the elections or change his mind about LGTB people.

A friend of mine answered:

Nothing human is alien to us. Some is sin and some is virtue.

Which made me write a reply:

Humans want to know -and tell the others- what is sin and what is virtue. We create systems of laws and beliefs to protect our values and convictions. But God does not allow us to try to sit on his throne. Jesus had to die because humans believed in the systems they created rather than in God as a Father in Heaven who loves even those whom we classify as sinners. Jesus calls us to love even our enemies. Would you call it love when a political leader declares that red-haired humans should colour their hair because red hairs are a sin?

One Christ, many cultures

Christianity is a multi-cultural religion. Jesus calls us to expand our love beyond the borders of our own culture and to cultivate unity in diversity.