Thursday, September 3, 2020

The CEO of Estonian Author’s Association (Eesti Autorite Ühing) Kalev Rattus gave the following summary of what copyright is:

Autoriöigus on tegelikult väga lihtne. On olemas ühed inimesed, kes on autorid. Nad loovad midagi. Nende loomingut nimetatakse teost. Ja ülejäänud ringkond on siis need, kes kas tahavad või ei taha need teosed kasutada. Ja kui nad tahavad, siis nad peavad arvestama sellesama autori huvidega. Mis on meie seadusse –autoriõigusse aga ka põhiseadusse, mõelge paragrahvile 39– sisse kirjutatud. (0:17:00)

Such a clear summary shows clearly what’s wrong.

  • Intellectual property is seen as a product. But using it doesn’t consume the product nor decreases its value. Actually using it even increases its value.

  • Measuring the “usage” of a copyrighted work has become a Sysiphean task in the digital era.

  • The author needs a salary while he is working. Getting it -maybe- in the future is a lottery.

  • Indirect consumption is not covered. For example when young people “consume” intelligent content today and as a result will be more skilled in 20 years when they govern our destiny.