Monday, August 31, 2020

After Saturday, August 29, 2020, the same friend continued:

But when you remove the Bible from its position of being the Word of God, I am afraid that you cut off the flower from its roots. Maybe some generations of humans can survive in this vacuum where Christian values will still be in the air, but that would be ephemeral.

A “democratic” faith culture based on compromises and discussion might sound tempting, but won’t this lead to individualism where every human builds their personal religion where the highest value is their own interest, and where they simply ignore your opinion?

The world needs a foundation of values. Welfare is growing quickly everywhere. In a hundred years the majority of wealth consumers will probably be people who were born and grew up in Africa or Asia. Where is the system of cultural and moral values for our future world population?

Morality doesn’t grow spontaneously out of nothing. It needs a sound foundation.

My answer: Dear friend, this is the point where humanity was already two thousand years ago. The old Jews did have a sound foundation of values. They did have a Holy Scripture and a clear vision of becoming a fertile wealthy people that covers the planet. Similar religions based on a Holy Scripture have appeared every now and then (Islam in 8th century, Bahá’í Faith in 19th century).

Jesus Christ did not bring a new Holy Scripture, but a new world view, which includes a new way of seeing and using Scriptures. He said “I am the way and the truth and life” (and not “The Scriptures are the way and the truth and life”). Christianity is a religion based on a person, not on a Scripture. Biblicism reduces Jesus to what humanity managed to remember about him. In a certain way it makes us return back to where we started 2000 years ago.

As an answer to your fears, I started to work The future of Christianity.