Friday, May 28, 2021

Today the Pope tweeted:

The first advice offered by the Holy Spirit is, “Live in the present”. There is no better time for us: now, here and now, is the one and only time to do good, to make our life a gift. Let us live in the present!

First reaction, five minutes later, came from a biblicist:

Can you please point to the scripture that states that the FIRST ADVICE from the Holy Spirit is to “Live in the present”, I am not aware of when this advice is first recorded.

It took half an hour before the biblicist received his reply from a <opposite of a biblicist>:

So Peter …you live your life ONLY according to scripture? I don’t think it says anything about eating pizza either…OH BOY are you missing out!

My comment:

This blog entry shows that I am resistant to advice.

Anyway, the aforementioned advice tells me to stop writing this blog entry and to start doing things that need to be done today :-)