Friday, May 28, 2021

Today the Pope tweeted:

The first advice offered by the Holy Spirit is, “Live in the present”. There is no better time for us: now, here and now, is the one and only time to do good, to make our life a gift. Let us live in the present!

First reaction, five minutes later, came from a biblicist:

Can you please point to the scripture that states that the FIRST ADVICE from the Holy Spirit is to “Live in the present”, I am not aware of when this advice is first recorded.

It took half an hour before the biblicist received his reply from a <opposite of a biblicist>:

So Peter …you live your life ONLY according to scripture? I don’t think it says anything about eating pizza either…OH BOY are you missing out!

My comment:

Some of my friends say I am resistant to advice. Which might seem partly true. But basically I don’t agree. See The Daniel effect.

With every incoming advice it makes sense to ask first “Who gives it? Where does it come from?” This can avoid you wasting time with triaging useless information. On the other hand this first filter shouldn’t be waterproof, it should feature holes for exceptions.

And when an advice makes it through the first filter –either because you trust its source to be reliable or because it found an exceptional entry hole–, your next important question is to ask yourself “What does it mean to me?” You recognize a prophetic word by its fruits.

resistant to advice

A cynical compliment that actually means “who does not listen to advice from other people”. (beratungsresistent)

Anyway, the aforementioned advice tells me to stop writing this blog entry and to start doing things that need to be done today :-)