The Parable of the Weeds

Saturday, July 24, 2021. My thoughts after today’s Bible readings.

That’s maybe the fundamental difference between the old and the new covenant, between Christian faith and Jewish faith, the revolution that Jesus Christ brings to our relation with God: while Jewish faith imagines the Word of God as a law system that was written unto tangible media (“carved into stone”), Jesus reveals us the Word of God as something different from any human law system. It is not written into a book but into our hearts. With some training and experience, the Bible can guide our inner voice, a feeling that tells us whether something is good or evil, and it makes us thrive towards what we identify as good, but it does not give us any authority to pronounce any final judgement about ourselves or others. Human judgement can never be more than a set of concepts, rules, conventions and traditions that help us make our choice in a given situation of our life. But it can never be a definitive judgement. It can never give us authority over other humans. Even the most flagrant sinner (according to our judgement) can be saved. Because nothing is impossible for God (compare Mt 19:23-30). That’s the real Gospel, the revolutionary new light that was shed through Jesus Christ unto our relation with God.