Saturday, October 30, 2021

“Mittevaktsineerijatele. Mõelge, kas teie vaktsiinist loobumise põhjus on teadus- või usupõhine. Ja palun arvestage, et iga internetis teie veendumusi toetav lugu ei ole teadus. Kui usupõhine, mõelge veel üks kord. Kui ikka ka ei mõju, siis ärge imestage.” (Raul Rebane: ususõda Eesti moodi)

Oh my God! How can an educated adult believe that some decision can be “based on science and not on faith”?! When will it be common knowledge that every single decision in our life is based on faith, our own and individual faith, and on nothing else?

Raul Rebane believes in something he calls “science”. Actually it is not “science”, but the subset of information he received about the real world, through his education.

It’s okay to believe in vaccination during a pandemic, but I get angry when I read that somebody says such a nonsense. It’s not okay to believe that your decisions are based on something else than faith.

You can base your faith on any ethical system, but not on “science”. Science is not a religion, not an ethical system, science is a tool, a great tool, which we use to observe reality. And as every tool, science is opportunistic, it serves those who use it.