How volatile and vain human things are!

Sunday, October 31, 2021 (13:19)

Today I could not attend a Holy Mass because we are in Vigala. I also missed the third consultation meeting, which took place yesterday in Tallinn. Looking forward to Raphael’s report.

But I attended the Lutheran service in Maarja church. I also participated in the armulaud. I always do this when I am in Vigala. The Lutheran liturgy is quite similar to a Holy Mass. Yes, I know that according to CIC this is not a replacement. But for me, when I visit other people and they invite me to their meal, it is natural to eat together with them.

Lutherans celebrate usupuhastuspäev today, so the sermon today was about the day when Martin Luther published his ninety-five theses. The picture somehow reminded me the ten “nuclei” of our questionnaire.

Note that today morning, after waking up, I had read Unser Sonntag: Das Tripelgebot der Liebe, so I had received at least the Gospel and a homily.

We also visited my wife’s grandparents at their grave. My wife did not attend the service (Lutherans are more relax regarding dominical duty), she used this hour for tidying up the grave. After service I joined her. She had just finished her work. She lighted two candles for her grandparents while I sang some songs. This ceremony has become a kind of family ritual for us. First I sang Christe Lux Mundi and In manus tuas. And then I had an idea: Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig, a song that I haven’t sung very often during the last 20 years, I remember it from my time in Belgium where it was being sung here and there. I had to look up the text from Internet. I sang all the 13 verses at the grave. Here I quote only three of them:

1. Ach wie flüchtig,
Ach wie nichtig
Ist der Menschen Leben!
Wie ein NEBEL bald entstehet
und auch wieder bald vergehet,
so ist unser LEBEN, sehet!

8. Ach wie nichtig,
Ach wie flüchtig
Ist der Menschen Wissen!
Der das Wort kunt prächtig führen
Und vernünfftig discurriren,
Muß bald alle Witz verlieren!

9. Ach wie flüchtig,
Ach wie nichtig
Ist der Menschen Dichten!
Der, so Kunst hat lieb gewonnen
Und manch schönes Werck ersonnen,
Wird zu letzt vom Todt erronnen !

My wife and