Christmas story 2021

Every year again. Here is my Christmas story for this year. This year it is specially dedicated to Toomas Jürgenstein and the Usutiib who inspired me to write it.

Once upon a time God decided to come down to Earth, out of the invisible world into the visible world, our of eternity into history. Just for a moment, just for a human lifetime. It is difficult to describe how this happened. But I managed to get a fictive interview with him.

Me: Why did you decide to come to Earth?

God: Because they constantly got me wrong. I speak to them directly into their heart, you might think that’s a reliable communication channel, but still only very few of them actually understand what I am telling them. And even when they live long enough to write down what I said, their fellow humans still manage to get them completely wrong.

Me: It’s a shame!

God: No, I don’t say so. They are the crown of my creation and I love them! It’s part of the game, a kind of natural requirement: how could they understand me fully with their limited little brains!

Me: So how did you proceed to come down?

God: I became one of them.

Me: So it’s true that you became a human?

God: Yes.

Me: Unbelievable!

God: What’s so difficult to believe there? Actually they had been waiting for me quite some time. They had imagined beautiful names for me when I come: Messiah, Immanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, just to name a few.

And still I arrived rather like a bull into a china shop. They expected me to get born in a palace, but I was born into a stable. They expected me to get born into an established society, but my parents weren’t even married and had to leave their home country after my birth.

Me: Your parents… Why did you need parents? Aren’t you almighty?

God: Of course I needed parents. Every human has two parents, one father and one mother, that’s a natural law. I designed these laws, I won’t act against them.

Me: But couldn’t you have come a bit more decently, a bit more “as expected”?

God: Not quite. I need to remind them every now and then that their laws and traditions reflect only fragments of my reality. The story ended as it had to end: they killed me. Or at least my human avatar. They are so susceptible! They get easily offended when I tell them the truth.

Me: But okay, let’s stay with our topic: Christmas. Do you have any particular message for us this year?

God: Yes: don’t panic. There is hope even in the darkest times. All your worries about climate change, pandemics, queer people, democracy, terrorism, information crisis, post-truth era and so on: they are unavoidable woes of a next milestone in my big project with you. Everything is under control. Just trust me.

Me: And a special message for Estonia?

God: Tublid olete. But you might use the Advent time before Christmas to review what you teach your children about me. Your schools speak about me only during history lessons, and even there they stop about 500 years ago, when my fan club, the Church, was still quite primitive. That gives a wrong image of me. It is only normal that your children refuse to talk with me. That’s a problem because even for me it is difficult to help peoples that don’t listen to me.

Me: Okay, I’ll try to explain this to our education minister. Thanks for the interview!

God: You are welcome.

Monday, November 15, 2021 (15:16)