My first vision of the new institution

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 (05:18)

This morning I had, for the first time, a clear vision about what I have been fearing until now as a “division” or “breaking into two pieces” of the Roman Catholic church. But my vision has nothing frightening. This kind of division is a natural step of every growth process as we can observe it in both animal and vegetal living beings and also in the history of the Church. It is like Der Zweig, der aus dem Baumstumpf erwächst (Jesaiah, Jeremia) und Der Eckstein, den die Bauleute verworfen haben (Ps 118:22, Mt 21:42). I also remember fragments of from our biology lessons about cell division with Madame Lemmens and, later, professor J-L De Sloover. I also remember a description of this process in a printed book Natürliche Gemeindeentwicklung, which I received from Thomas Sch. some years ago.

Here is my vision: the Pope (maybe Francis, maybe his successor) will swarm out like the queen of a bee hive and will found the Synodal Church as a new institution. He will take with him a small part of the administrative personnel of the RC church and the bare needs for the new institution to survive (a few organizations of the RC church, some of which collect donations, will go with the Pope). At the material level, the Synodal Church will start again almost from zero. The RC church will continue to function as it does, the Pope will answer their questions and lead them as much as much as they want. It will continue to exist for many more generations, but will shrink. Many other Christian churches that had been separated from the RC during the last centuries, will join back and unite under the SC. I personally will remain a member of the RC church until the end of my life.

Yes, that’s a genuine vision: everything “fits together”. I am amused to realize that this vision is probably nothing new –many people have probably seen it before me– and that it took me more than twenty years to have it.

For the archives, here is a short summary of what happened yesterday:

When waking up in the afternoon, I had the idea for Christmas story 2021 and started to write it down, but was interrupted because it was time to go to the prayer in Jaani church. I continued writing in the bus and had mostly finished when I stepped out of the bus at Vabaduse väljak. The prayer interrupted my writing activity completely, I did not have any concrete thought about the text during these hours. I wrote the last question of this interview when sitting in the bus back home after prayer. At home I made a few changes for fine-tuning, read the text once aloud to Mari, then sent it to the “usutiib” mailing list.

The prayer itself brought several surprises: We sang two new songs (16 and 100) for the first time, despite the fact that Stiiv wasn’t there. One first-time visitor, whom I had invited some days earlier and about whom I “was sure” that he would be fascinated, turned out to be more hesitant than I had expected. Another first-time visitor was a young man I had “picked up” on the street during my walk after rehearsal. I had invited him to “go to Jaani church and sit down somewhere in a quiet corner and listen to our prayer”. He didn’t behave as quietly as I had expected. A third first-time visitor, who was presented to me only after the prayer, asked how to participate in the consultations and was surprised by my answers.

After having sent the Christmas story to the mailing list, I did a few more “inbox jobs”: respond to the sinoditiim, to LNÜ, and write an email to isa Artur and ema Vimala.

P.S. Today’s readings from the Old Testament (2 Makkabäer 6,18-31 and Psalm 3,2-3.4-5.6-7) are quite frightening, but Lk 19,1-10 sheds new light upon them.