White nights

Yesterday we watched the American musical drama film White Nights in our family. Ly confirmed that it gives an accurate picture of the Sowiet Union in 1980.

It tells a moving story playing during the Cold War. It features beautiful scenes of dancing art, which show how this art can transmit strong non-verbal messages. It gives some glimpses into why people love their home country and still decide to leave it for political reasons.

Note that the film is itself part of the Cold War –it was published in 1985– and paints a fundamentally biased picture. It does not try to explain why humans believed in communism and the Soviet Union.

For my taste it was a bit too black and white. The good people (those who believe in the United States) are sympathic and and their enemies (those believing in the Soviet Union) are unsympathic, without exception.

Sunday, November 28, 2021 (02:23)