Sunday, January 9, 2022 (14:42)

A friend reacted after reading The inter-confessional report:

Hello Luc,

I have gone through the report in detail and I can say it’s a well written report!

1. I love the fact that you summarised the discussions we had into 2 paradigms and this was explicitly portrayed in the tables. I believe that placing them side-by-side showed these opinions clearly and how they constitute the paradigms you identified. I’m happy you could find a trend in all the discussions to even develop the paradigms to start with. Shows depth of work. I recognized some elements myself from some of the Synod discussions, so good work!

2. The section on your vision (17) downwards described a “Synodal church”. You gave many features that this church would have till the end of the report. You painted such a vivid picture of what it would entail that I began to ask myself if this was something real? If this is something that the church is moving towards, but perhaps it was still in the works and not yet announced? I would like some clarification on this as I feel that if this Synodal church does not exist, then the writings under it are very opinionated.

There were many things discussed under this Synodal church. I will not mention them each as there was a similar theme. First, you gave a little insight as to the topic being expressed. Secondly, you stated the position of the “Synodal church” on these matters and you gave. It was hard for me to follow on this as I can’t tell if this concept of “Synodal Church” exists in truth or is something you wish would happen in the future. I cannot help but comment on the aspect of Abortion (81). I’m not sure what constitutes the idea of the “Synodal church” on this, but it would be great for the consequences of this to be considered.

3. On the aspect of “Teachings on the Gospel” (38 and below) and the fact that teachings evolve, there was no mention of the Holy Spirit and it’s role in teaching in the church (whichever church, Synodal or not). I was watching out for this, but there was no mention. In the end, it’s your report, but I think we cannot completely talk about teaching in the church without mentioning the Holy Spirit.

4. Overall, it is a great work, and there are good links which make it easier for referencing. However, some links take me to the blog, which to me means the definitions placed are that of your opinion (e.g. the part of collective and individual sins). Also, the links to the Bible passages were relevant for most of the text.

I’d like to know if this fictive report can be shared with others for feedback. Thanks again for the writeup.

My reactions

Yes, the links in the document need more work.

Of course you are invited to share this report with everybody. It is public and I hope to receive response from as many people as possible.

Your remark about the Holy Spirit required when writing teachings is definitively true. Inspired also from an earlier response (2021-12-30) I now extended (37) to add some clarifications:

(37) I do not know where the Synodal Church will physically reside in the real world. It seems clear that those who work for it must also pray together, otherwise it would be just another publishing house. When I think about this question, an image drops into my mind: the Pope will live in a monastery, which will receive a constant flow of visitors. Something like Taizé or Dharamshala (the residence of the the current Dalai Lama).

The vision of the “Synodal Church” described here is complete fiction. I have no information that something similar has been imagined before. I describe how I imagine I would act if I were the Pope. But of course I am not the Pope and only time will show how much of my prophecy was right.

I wouldn’t say that this is what I “wish would happen” in the future. I wish that God’s plan would happen, that’s all.

I do the work of developing this vision together with those who want because I believe that the Church needs a fundamental update and because I have the feeling that my suggestion is theoretically possible.