First change requests to version 11

A letter to the sinoditalgutiim.

Yesterday I released version 11 of “my” report and received first feedback.

We are approaching our deadline

Some members of the sinoditalgutiim accepted to be in the mailing list because I assured them that I won’t write more than one message per week. I am afraid that I will have to repent about this because we are approaching our deadline (March 31st). If this is getting too much for you, feel free to silently ignore my mails or ask me to remove you from the mailing list.

To those who stay with us:

  • Take care to not send any email to unless you want everybody else to read it. You can answer privately to me by sending your email to And of course you can call me on the phone or write instant messages any time.

  • Don’t be shy when giving feedback. If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with some formulation, then please let me know. Don’t worry for me or our friendship. I am resistant to advice.

  • Speak spontaneously. Don’t hold back your feedback until you have read the whole document or until you are really sure about your reaction. I give you permission to contradict yourself or to change your mind while you are speaking. Collect your reactions while reading and send them to me when you get interrupted.

  • In about two weeks I will ask each of you whether you agree with our document. I guess that there will be four classes of contributors: Those who disagree, those who agree publicly, those who agree incognito and those who are undecided.

Should we speak about burnout and depression?

Unless the team objects, I plan to remove item (58) (“Several participants witnessed the experience of having abandoned, at some point in their life… independently of whether they are “religious” or not.”)

This item was –as I imagined– the summary of what at least three of my friends had told me. But after asking for their confirmation I found that only two of them confirmed my summary. And these two are not part of our team because they are neither Estonian nor do they live in Estonia. Hence we cannot say that this is something we have observed here in Estonia.

Should we speak about “presynodal” language?

One team member wrote: I’m not comfortable with the term ‘pre-synodal language’. It feels to me a bit like the term ‘unamerican’ – kind of daring anyone to disagree with the principle of synodality. Every age has struggled with how to express the ineffable in words. I feel that the use of ‘presynodal’ is judgemental and divisive. I would therefore delete Step 5 (items 88-93)

I answered: Needs further discussion. I use “presynodal” (not “unsynodal”) in analogy with “preconciliar”…

I fully agree that there is something missing. I plan to insert the following after (65):

People have different entry points to the Church. It is important to also welcome people who are love historic buildings and see them as a part of the Gospel, who prefer a “magical” Bible, a “clerical” church or a church that serves as a “truth institution”. And local pastors are the first “church officials” to welcome them. Pastors must have a freedom to choose their priorities when talking to “their” sheep. A synodal church will provide space for political diversity and unite all baptized in the Eucharist.

Thanks in advance for your prayer and -maybe- your feedback!


Created on Sunday, March 13, 2022 (04:31).