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About the sinoditalgutiim

Don’t mix up the sinoditalgutiim with the sinoditiim.


The team appointed by the Bishop to help me with my official report to be submitted to the Vatican in August 2022.


A team of diverse people I asked to help me to write an ecumenical report to be submitted to the sinoditiim in March 2022.


A meeting of a group of volunteers who work together for a communal project during a limited time.

I formed1 the sinoditiim in September 2021 after having myself been appointed as the Synodal Contact Person for Estonia by the Bishop. The Bishop then confirmed us as a team during the diocesan opening mass of the Synod on October 17th.

The sinoditalgutiim was also formed by me, but as a private initiative. I informed the Bishop about my plans, but acted independently without asking his opinion or approval. I am currently the only one who knows all members of this team. They will eventually get to know each other during our meetings. I maintain a separate page with rules for this team.



To form a team, in apostolic governance, means that the team leader chooses and appoints members personally one by one. See also About teamwork.