What would you say to Putin in the sauna?

Thursday, March 17, 2022 (18:42)

During the last days I have been asking people at different occasions “What would you say to Putin if you were sitting with him in the sauna?”. My vision some days ago was one of my own answers. Most people answer things like “I would hit him with my viht until he leaves the room!”, “I would show my disgust by ignoring him!” or even “I would castrate him!”

And while I deeply consent to the emotions behind these answers, I must add that such sauna conversations won’t help us to find a solution.

Today I heard a useful one. And BTW it came from a well-educated atheist. It was rather a dialogue:

He: I would ask him “Why did you stop taking your pills?”

Me: Do you think Putin’s doctor has pills against his problem?

He then gave a few more answers –he mentioned among others the idea of Держа́ва (superpower)– which lead to the following idea:

Let’s define a new position “UN master advisor” and offer it to Putin. He would live in a palace or wherever he wants. He would be given a life-long warranty to be treated as a valuable and honourable man, his opinions would be published, and all his personal needs would be satisfied until he dies in peace, but he would renounce from executive power and wealth. Of course the UN might also give the same title to any other person who is considered worthy of getting it.

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