Monday, April 25, 2022 (10:37)

Wikipedia Library

I received my entry card to the Wikipedia Library. Nice. A great idea. Though after a first glance at the list of content providers that I may read now for free, I couldn’t find any that made me dive into these places. I knew none of them before. And I am not an information diver who just jumps blindly into the water in the hope of finding something valuable.

Who is a good president?

Most of my friends rejoice because Marine Le Pen wasn’t elected. One of them twittered “58.2% !!!! Yesssssss!”. I thought: “41.8% ????” Almost 42% of French population are unhappy with their current president. That’s much. What makes Le Pen so popular? Actually I have no opinion because I know none of them personally.

What is a good president? What power should a president have? A president should be the last judge in questions where democracy fails. King Salomon. A president must be impartial. Must seek truth without prejudices.

How to elect a president? I strongly recommend Continuous Cascaded Voting.

I started a new poll:

Whom would you suggest as president of Estonia if your choice is limited to your friends and those who you know personally?

What does it mean to know somebody “personally”? For example:

  • You have seen them in real life.

  • You have read texts that they have signed as author or co-author.

  • You follow them on Facebook or Twitter, i.e. some unfiltered channel where they talk directly.

You do not yet know somebody “personally” if

  • You know about them only via broadcast media

  • You’ve read only a small fragment of what they have written

  • You’ve read only opinions of other people about them

So far I heard names like Varro Vooglaid and Jüri Ratas.

Yuriy, Valeria and Kira

Don’t read this if others are watching you:

Odesa missile attack: ‘My world was destroyed by a Russian missile’