Russia’s most famous journalists and experts

Thursday, April 28, 2022 (07:01)

Today, just after starting my collection Not all Christians are good, I stumbled into another example.

Julia Davis posted on Twitter about Russia’s most famous journalists and “experts” saying on state TV that nuclear war with NATO maybe wouldn’t be that bad after all since the Russians will go to heaven, while the Westerners. Here is my transcript of what they say:

They declared a war against us. What else are we waiting for. We’ll have to conduct a special operation to demilitarize NATO, and that might not be easy. These representatives of 40 countries are today’s collective Hitler. You were absolutely right to say de-facto we’re in a state of WW3. Russia brings justice, peace and security to the global world order while all of those colleagues are trying to start a big war. In fact, they already started it. Either we lose in Ukraine or the third world war starts. I think WW3 is more realistic. Knowing us, knowing our leader, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the most incredible outcome that all this will end with a nuclear strike seems more probable to me than the other course of events. To my horror, one one hand, on the other hand, with the understanding that it is what it is. But we will go to heaven and they will simply croak.