Can innocent students get sued in Estonia?

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 (12:33)

I actually should be working right now, but I stumbled into the following piece of news:

I duckducked for “raiend Kivisaar” and read two old news articles:

What are they debating about? A student had run a petition that asked a radio station to exclude a particular presenter from their broadcasting.

Indeed a bit hefty. Does a student have the right to seriously damage the reputation of a radio presenter, just because she feels offended?

And based on what the lawyer for the radio presenter suggests, the monetary value of this case has reached 75.000 €. That’s much money for a single student. I can feel with her. I want to make up my own opinion.

So what exactly has this guy been saying on the radio? Aha, here are some quotations:

My opinion is clear: Yes, of course, if I would happened to hear these jokes on a radio station (I won’t repeat them), I would have acted exactly as this student. Or if not, then just because of laziness or because one cannot do everything.

Thanks to Katrina Raiend and to Eesti Inimõiguste Keskus for their work on this.

And the radio presenter threatens that he will also sue the other signers of that petition? That’s what made me sign a two years-old-petition. If that student gets sued, I want to get sued as well! Grr!

And in case money is really the only thing that counts in Estonia: Writing this blog post took me a full hour of working time so far. I started a ticket so I can report my working time if needed. My hourly tariff when working for clients is 70€ without taxes.