Prophets not welcome in Estonia

Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Today I had a private meeting with the Bishop. Quite some time had passed since our last meeting! Was it in November last year? Since then we had seen each other a few times in public, but not under four eyes.

I told him that I retire from my job as the Synodal Contact Person. I added something like “I don’t even ask whether you agree, I inform you that I actually have already abandoned. I recommend to designate somebody else because there will be more work. But I leave it up to you whether or not you make it official. I personally switch to ‘minimum mode’: come to Mass on Sunday and not more.”

Actually I would have loved to continue. There is so much to do in the Church in Estonia! But there is too much to do. My emotions and visions are too existential. I cannot work occasionally for the church, just a little bit here and there in my spare time: it’s either all or nothing. So I couldn’t continue without getting paid for it. I suggested that he engages me. But I knew in advance that he doesn’t want a guy like me to work for him. I believe he wants a secure and stable environment for his little flock of scribes. Prophets aren’t welcome in Estonia.

He personally is satisfied with the result of our work. Of course he is: because Marge did the job. I let her do my job.