Greetings from Karitsa

Friday, October 14, 2022 (11:58)

I am having a few days of retreat with Manfred who lives in Karitsa küla (near Kaiu). I wanted to test my idea of making a radical change in my life: I’d leave the burden of civilized consumer life behind me, Manfred and I would live in his house like two monks, me doing mostly computer work and sometimes helping him in the garden. Ly and Iiris would manage without my physical presence. Manfred’s sustainable lifestyle is indeed worth a few books.

On 2022-09-22 doctors discovered that I have a stomach cancer. And school medicine is clear: they need to remove my stomach completely, combined with 8 months of chemotherapy. This treatment sounds radical, but the chance of getting healed are quite good, and people without stomach can actually have a mostly normal life afterwards.

Upcoming schedule:

  • Mon 2022-10-24 : 3 days in hospital. Laprascopic inquiry to confirm the diagnosis

  • Thu 2022-11-03 : First chemiotherapy.

  • After four month of chemiotherapy they plan the removal of my stomach

But I am still not sure whether I actually want to get treated. Some reasons for rejecting treatment :

  1. I risk my life as another pioneer to show that healing is possible without surgery.

  2. I refuse to use an undeserved privilege (millions of people in the world don’t even have a choice in such a case).

  3. I witness the Gospel that death of the body is not important.