About Christian values

Here is a list of things I’d call “Christian values”, or the important consequence of the Good News for our psychological, social and political life, our daily choices and priorities.

  • Do not fear when you did something wrong, and forgive your fellows when they did something wrong.

  • Don’t base your self-esteem upon earthen values. The value of a human is much more than money, success, wealth and health.

  • Don’t say “I deserve this”. Because of course you deserve it. Of course you deserve your fellows’ attention, respect, love. Of course you deserve something to eat and drink, clothes and a place where you can rest. Of course you also deserve a beautiful car, house, bicycle, phone and whatever you may need for your life. But don’t worry about these. Worry rather about whether your fellows have them as much as you.

  • Don’t ask for more than you need. Humanity won’t survive if we continue to cultivate ideas like “Good enough is not enough”. The most satisfied are those who need the least.

  • Be aware about civil laws and cultural rules. No human law should give you permission –or enforce you– to act against God’s plan.