The virtue or skill of detachment means to be able to detach (take a distance) from your own opinions and its differences with those of other people.


The indifference to worldly concerns and the freedom from bias or prejudice (inspired from Merriam-Webster)

holy indifference

A total openness to God’s plan in one’s life. In other words, whatever God wills for me, I will strive with all of the energy of my will and the proposition in my intellect to conform my will to God’s will. It does not mean apathyIgnatius of Loyola (via


An resigned attitude that says “who cares”, “I don’t give a darn”, “whatever”.

One of the important functions of celebrating is to offer a spiritual place where “the rule” says to everybody: “shut up now!” If we fail to obey this rule, we spoil the celebration. One benefit of art of celebrating is to cultivate our detachment skills. detachment.