The future of Christianity

I believe that Christian faith has the potential of evolving into a universally acceptable religion. Which does not mean that every human should talk, think, pray and act in the same ways as today’s Christians do. It rather requires clarification about some historically grown and still wide-spread misconceptions about Christian faith, and a reconciliation at theological level between all religions of the world.

The future world population needs a “world government”, an institution carried by all peoples, and institution with given power, which “rules” in “peace” over the visible world.

Will the United Nations be this world government? Or something completely different? Will it be a democratic structure at all?

We do not know the answer. Maybe the answer is there, right in front of our door, but hidden. Humanity is not yet ready for the answer.

But one thing seems clear to me: world peace is not only required, it is inevitable. It will come because it is God’s plan. It depends on us whether our culture will be part of this plan.