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About homosexuality

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When we assume that the main purpose of a human is to reproduce, then the optimal sexual orientation for a man is to perceive women as attractive and for a woman to perceive men as attractive. This optimal orientation avoids individuals wasting energy in sexual efforts towards a partner of same sex, which would be useless.

If you continue this thought with a politically right-wing mind, you come to the conclusion that a healthy civilization should repress homosexuality because it is at best a suboptimal development and at worst a sin against divine laws, which subvert and potentially harm human civilization.

But things get more complex when you consider that the meaning of life is more than having children, and that increasing our population (the number of individual humans living on earth) is not currently a primary concern of our species, and that probably even the opposite might be true: God might want more people to be homosexual in order to prevent overpopulation.

Same-sex marriage

The Catholic Church has no problem with marrying a couple who know that they won’t have any biological children together, e.g. for health reasons. Such a couple may have other kinds of “children”: they can adopt orphaned children, they can work together on spiritual “children” (a project or a vision) or invest into material “children” (a house or a car).

This shows that a marriage makes sense also without sex and without biological children.

So I see no problem to allow for same-sex marriage as well. I can imagine that the Church will one day recognize same-sex marriage as a variant that deserves the same benediction as any other marriage. Of course we are not yet there.

There are homosexual people who agree to form a couple and to adopt and raise children in an oikos. I think that there is nothing wrong with this. It is great and deserves our support and benediction. Because children having a homosexual couple as parents are still far better off than children who grow up with only one parent. Homosexual people should have a right to form a civil union, to marry and to adopt and raise children.

There is a theory that homosexuality might be “nature’s population control so that we don’t overpopulate.” Richard Dawkins responded to this idea on Darwin Day 2015. He explains that evolution “doesn’t work like this” because it works on the level of the genes of an individual. He concludes with a –for a Britain– surprisingly clear verdict: “So I am afraid that it couldn’t be true that homosexuality is an adaptation to keep the population size down.”

There are still people who insist that the term marriage can be used only for couples of a man and a woman. N.T. Wright on gay marriage confirms to me that those who disagree with my definition of marriage won’t change their mind during their lifetime.

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