My ideas for saving the world

Please read this page with a pinch of humour. Reality is obviously not as simple as explained here. But don’t we all have these moments where we sit with friends in a pub or in a sauna, believing honestly, at least for a moment, to understand the world, to see what’s wrong, and then eagerly trying to develop some plan for saving the world? That’s human. It started with that fatal apple in Eden. But we can read this story in an optimistic light: we are God’s children playing the If-I-Was-God game, trying to help our father in Heaven to save his world. I am sure that he loves our childlike attempts. Don’t despair when your dreams seem unrealistic. Formulating them is a first step into the right direction. If your dreams are good, God will care for their implementation and make them happen.

  • Let us decide that private corporations must convert into foundations when their power exceeds a given limit: Stop the greedy giants!.

  • Let us to introduce a world-wide Unconditional Basic Income because this will increase general health condition and reduce forced work and other forms of modern slavery: Unconditional Basic Income.

  • Let us review copyright laws and declare published content as a common property because this will reduce fake news and disinformation: The Lutsu manifesto.

  • Let us declare natural resources as common property.

  • Let us create a world-wide non-profit organization for managing common property in a sustainable way, including published content and natural resources.