This website is my private project. You can contribute by giving your feedback.

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This website is just my private hobby project. Nobody pays me for doing it. I am doing it independently, with love, in my spare time, sometimes eagerly and sometimes lazily.

I am running this website independently, but not alone. Many people contributed their feedback and encouraged me. You might be one of them. Thank you in advance.

Legally spoken this website is my intellectual property: I am the responsible publisher, the one who would pay if I would accidentally publish something that conflicts with the laws. See also Copyright.

But I do not consider this website as my private property. It wouldn’t exist without those who gave me their feedback. It is just my personal reaction to my social interactions with other humans.

This website is not finished and may evolve as long as I live. It is not even designed to get done before I die.

Besides sending an occasional feedback, you might want to help me more systematically. See How to support me.