Poems on Synodality

One of my first reactions after reading the PD and the Vademecum was a poetic attempt to express what synodality is all about. Since then I had “attacks” several times, and my collection of “poems” has grown. They remain unfinished work, childish attempts. May they inspire true professional artists.

Ode to synodality

Synodality is when we understood that
God wants us united in diversity;
we are side by side on the same road;
we don’t kick anybody out just because we disagree.
Synodality is
when we listen with an open mind and an open heart,
when we condemn our prejudice rather than other people,
when we react to critics gratefully instead of angrily.
when we speak with courage, freedom and love,
when we honestly say what needs to be said,
when we patiently explain our idea again and again,
when we wisely discern between good and evil,
when we courageously search peace with our enemy,
when we fully forgive our nastiest offender,
when we stay calm where panic reigns,

Synodality is
when no cry dies in your throat before it has been heard;
when no foolish idea stays alive for long;
when different opinions are enrichment, not threat;
when other cultures are brothers, not enemies.
Synodality is
When truth grows while foolishness shrinks.
When foolishness no longer overgrows truth.

When arrogance becomes pride, and pride becomes gratefulness.

When useless ideas don’t hide the important ones.
When long-term issues don’t lock urgent decisions.

When we show who we are, not who we want to be.
When we write history as it was, not as we want it to be.
When we love others as they are, not as we want them to be.
When we forgive our mistakes instead of forgetting them.
When we refuse getting influenced by prejudice, partiality and ignorance.
When we stay on the way of truth

because our knowledge is limited
because our justice is influenced by prejudice
because our dreams are just dreams

When we find our unity without giving up our diversity.
When we live sustainably without leaving burned earth to our children

You annoying fool

You annoying fool,
you arrogant winner,
you pitiable looser,
you insane sick,
you useless old,
you criminal psychopath,
you aggressive offender,
I know that God loves you as you are,
help me to love you as well.

Not afraid

When we are not afraid to look at ourselves.
When we can admit that we are weak and sinful.
and that our thoughts are influenced by ignorance.

When we are not afraid to look at our past.
When we can admit that we were weak and sinful
and that our actions were influenced by partiality

When we are not afraid to imagine a future.
When we can admit that we need guidance
and that our dreams are just dreams.

Synodality is what we all need to learn

Without the gospel

Without Jesus,
our only hope is
to live as long as we can,
to trust in physicians
to tell us how to stay healthy.

Without Jesus,
our only hope is
to get as strong as we can,
to trust in trainers
who tell us how to win.

Without Jesus,
our only hope is
to punish the wrong,
to trust in judges
who tell us who is right.

Without Jesus,
our only hope is
to find the truth,
to trust in scientists
who tell us why we live.

Without Jesus,
our only hope is
to be as smart as we can,
to trust in teachers

Without Jesus,
our only hope is to be without sin,
to trust in priests
to save our souls.

Without Jesus,
our only hope is to be independent,
to trust in soldiers
to fight for our liberty.
Without Jesus,
our only hope is to win,
to trust in leaders
to destroy our enemies.

We want a church

We want a church
who honestly searches for the good and the true
and eagerly learns from reality
who reliably preserves our common knowledge
and clearly explains what it means today
who makes and then learns from her own mistakes
and humbly knows that she doesn’t know all
who loves her enemies and those who doubt
and honours their different cultures and styles
who teaches her knowledge to whoever wants
and patiently answers even to fools
who helps us to see the kingdom of god
and to tell it to those who need it most