Team rules

To the members of the sinoditalgutiim.


(1) I called you to join this team because I have the feeling that we might need just you. You confirmed that you agree to join this team. You are free to revoke your decision and leave us any time (simply let me know me your decision).

(2) Our goal is to work as a synodal community to participate in the Synod on Synodality.

(3) Being a member of this team means –at least– that you are praying for us and that you are interested in our work. It also means that I am interested to hear your feedback now and then. And of course you are invited to contribute as much as the Spirit asks you to contribute.

(4) At the moment our team has 18 members. I am currently the only one who knows you all and I promise to keep your names confidential. You will eventually get to know each other during our meetings.

(5) I use a mailing list for sending messages to the whole team at once. You recognize my mails to the team by their subject starting with “[synod]” and because they go to the address

(6) This mailing list runs on one of my own servers and only I can see the list of members. Your privacy is guaranteed as long as you do not send any email to the address

(7) We are not working in the dark. The archive of messages to our mailing list is publicly visible at the following address:

Our job

(8) On March 31th I will submit our report to the sinoditiim, i.e. we simply participate in the official consultation process. Our report will be only one among many submissions.

(9) Independently of whether our report will find its way to Rome, already the process of writing it will be for us all an experience of synodality.

(10) In March I will ask each member whether you publicly consent to the result of our work. It is not needed that all members do so. Those who don’t consent publicly (1) may consent privately (2), remain undecided (3) or explicitly disagree with our report (4), and I plan to publish the number of each of these opinions as part of our report.


(11) I guess that we will meet about 4 to 10 times. It seems that most meetings will be on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 17:00 (but that’s not a rule).

We start each talgu with a common dinner (which is integral part of the meeting).