About eternal life

Christians believe that when we die, we actually get born into another world, where our soul will live until the end of times.

Like a foetus in its mother’s womb must develop most parts of its body before birth, and failing to do so cannot be repaired afterwards, our soul must develop certain things during its life on earth when living in its human body. And failing to do so cannot be repaired afterwards.

This belief in resurrection is more dramatic than a belief in rebirth or a belief in nothing. Rebirth means that you get a new chance after death. Believing in nothing means that the game is simply over when you die. It’s easy to live when you believe in rebirth or in nothing. Even in the worst scenario and if your whole life turns out to be a complete failure, you can ask “so what?”

But once you have realized that

maybe my soul
will remain for eternity
as it will have been
in my hour of death,

then you won’t get rid of it any more. You can hide it under your carpet, but that’s not a sustainable solution.

Believing in resurrection puts a huge challenge to your life. And note that I say to your life: Christian faith is not about death, it’s about life.

If these thought scared you, then make sure to never read Luke 16:19-31 because that’s yet another alarming story.

Yes, sorry: the Good News is no opium for the people.