Territories and nations

The Earth is divided into territories. A territory is a geographical area on the surface of Earth governed by a given group of humans during a given period.

The government of a territory is responsible for making this territory useful. This includes maintaining peace among his citizens within the borders of its territory and with its neighbors.

The governing group of a territory can change in time.

A territorial conflict is when two or more groups claim responsibility for a given territory.

Trying to write some definitions…


A named geographical area on the surface of the planet. Usually assigned to a given sovereign.

national territory

The territory assigned to a nation state. All national territories together cover the surface of the planet.

nation state

The legal person that represents the group of humans who are registered as citizens of a national territory. The nation state acts as sovereign over the territory, its culture and its citizens.


The natural or legal person acting as representative and highest responsible for a territory, a real estate or a shared idea.


The natural or legal person acting as responsible of a real object. Decides who may use the object and how to use it.

real object

A tangible object, e.g. a car, a painting, a knife, a ship, a shell on a beach, …

real estate

A building, e.g. a monument, house, street, dam, solar plant, …


A corporation responsible for making binding decisions within a given geopolitical system (such as a state).