About trust

Let’s talk about trust, or confidence, and doubt.

to trust

To trust in a person or a teaching means that you assume that this person or teaching is right despite the fact that you cannot ultimately verify your assumption.

You can trust either in a person or in a teaching.

to doubt

To doubt means to test your trust. Trust grows with every answered doubt. When your doubt is not answered, your trust gets lost.

Everybody trusts more or less in different sets of persons and teachings. Everybody does this more or less consciously.

Young children trust their parents –and the teachings they provide– without any doubt. The more they grow, the more they dare to express doubt.

A blind trust excludes the possibility of doubt. When a person or teaching demands blind trust, i.e. refuses your expression of doubt, then this person or teaching is not trustworthy.

It makes no sense to doubt whether reality is true, but you should always be ready to doubt whether your image of reality matches reality itself.