A stone falls from my heart

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 (07:30)

Today I got a new occasion to talk to the two boys in the bus (see also When the only shelter is occupied for the preface to the following story).

This time I asked them the meanwhile well-proven “If you had one wish to ask from the President” question. They answered both, and then one of them dared to ask “But why do you ask such questions?” Uff! They gave me a chance to explain my strange behaviour. Me: “Good question… obviously because I am not Estonian… actually just out of curiosity… maybe I will really one day write a letter to the President with all these answers.” And one of them even explained “Because we are told to not speak to strangers.” and I could answer “Of course. Me too I warn my daughters to not talk with strangers. So let’s stop talking now. Good bye, thank you!”

It seems that the damage wasn’t too big. A stone had fallen from my heart.

I left them and stood a few meters away from them. Now I saw that a man watched me closely. He was sitting behind the boys and was maybe 60 years old. I went back to him and said “Of course, you probably heard our conversation, so I might ask you the same question as well.” He interrupted me with a single word, in a rather annoyed tone “Listen…” . He didn’t finish his sentence. Was he thinking how to say it? Or did he refuse to formulate what he wanted me to listen? Anyway his behaviour said enough: “Stop bothering me! Leave me alone!” I said “Oops, okay, excuse me then”.

It seems that the morning bus is not the ideal place for doing quick interviews.