Eckhart Tolle, Marijuana

Thursday, November 18, 2021 (09:17)

Today I stumbled into this: Comment calmer la voix du mental?. Wow! He explains something important! It was the French translation of a talk by Eckhart Tolle. I then found the English original, How to Calm the Voice Inside, and listened everything again. Yes, I fully agree with him. But it seems that I have to add something important. (TODO)

And then I stumbled into Marijuana Use May Lower Emotional Intelligence. by Psychology Today. This confirms my naive theory that Marijuana and similar narcotics are too dangerous. I have never tried them and I don’t want to try them.

My elder brother used Marijuana until he did suicide in 2003. During the years before his death we all tried to help him find his place in our society, I have had many conversations with him, I followed his mental decline almost with my own heart. No, forgive me to be radical there: When I see somebody who is obviously Hell, and then realize that he uses drugs, I tell them there is is no other way out of Hell for them but to get clean. Every minute of empathy is a waste of time.