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Elder Generation in a multigenerational Community

Thursday, November 18, 2021 (18:42)

Today at 11:40 I finished listening to a talk Elder Generation in a multigenerational Community held by Rūta Šalaševičienė during the 2021 Gathering of the European Network of Communities (ENC). Very inspiring. It starts as follows:

This is not a theme only for old people. It is very important for people of all generations to listen to this. Because when you are old, it’s already too late to think about the old generation. You must begin when you are twenty-five.

Today I learned that there is an expression holy indifference.

holy indifference

A total openness to God’s plan in one’s life. In other words, whatever God wills for me, I will strive with all of the energy of my will and the proposition in my intellect to conform my will to God’s will. It does not mean apathyIgnatius of Loyola (via


An resigned attitude that says “who cares”, “I don’t give a darn”, “whatever”.