Non-Christians doing our work

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (10:10)

Estonian Center for Human Rights (Eesti Inimõiguste Keskus) has published a series of brochures with advice for avoiding hate speech and dialogue:

I also read Signe Riisalo: ratastoolis laps peab saama kooli ja samasooline paar korteri üürida

And I feel ashamed because there is no single Christian organisation among the partners! Yes, church organizations in Estonia are poor, but we should at least distribute “Thank you” badges (pronounce blessings or certificates of approval) to organizations like Eesti Inimõiguste Keskus and people like Signe Riisalo!

Our current church institutions are going to die if they don’t repent and realize that our primary job is to bring the Gospel to those who didn’t yet hear it. Many church institutions in Estonia still cultivate the belief that faith and Church are “private sphere”. And when they speak in public, too many of them still use obsolete teachings that ignore at least 50 years of human scientific evolution.