Esimene sinoditalgupäev on tulemas

Here is the first mail I plan to send to the mailinglist:

Thank you for joining my team “sinoditalgud”. Our first bee day is scheduled for the coming Wednesday January 26th at 12:30 in Pirita klooster. Please let me know until Sunday whether you plan to participate on that meeting.

All I ask from you is that you pray at least for us. And then just listen to the Holy Spirit and –if you feel that you should– become active and contribute. Of course you may also leave any time (simply let me know and I will remove you from the mailing list).

The team will have a series of physical “synodal bee days” (“sinoditalgud”) in Pirita klooster. We will have these meetings theoretically every second Wednesday from 12:30 to 17:00. We will start with a common meal. This common meal is an integral part of our meetings. (I will ask for your volunteer financial contribution, but money must not be an obstacle.) Maybe we will also “travel”, i.e. have additional meetings at varying places.

The job of the team is to help me “more systematically” (as explained in How to support me) with my report to the Synod on Synodality.

The word “sinoditalgud” was born on A wise decision during a chat with a friend. It had been resting for almost a week and woke up yesterday during a Jitsi session with another friend.

This “talgutiim” will be a truly apostolic team: I am its “responsible leader” (responsible to stay with us until the end), its members have been “appointed” by me (I asked you one by one whether you like the idea and whether you agree to join). The team has a clear and timely limited goal: help me to write a first suggestion of what I have to say at the Synod on Synodality. The job of the team will be theoretically done on March 31th, when I will submit my report to the official core team.

I plan to write in English rather than in Estonian because I also collect feedback from people who don’t know Estonian. Our bee sessions will probably be more in Estonian than in English.