Collecting assistants for the sinoditalgud

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 (22:57)

Anecdote: After waking up and before starting this night session, I stumbled into a blog post from November 2020 where I describe a dialogue about same-sex marriage with a friend. Another funny blog post is Vatican confirms that Church can bless homosexual people. Isn’t it it fascinating how all this started already long before How I got appointed

Yesterday I started to form a new team of friends whom I ask to help me “more systematically” (as explained in How to support me) with my report. This team will have a series of “sinoditalgud” (“synodal bee meetings”) in Pirita klooster. We will have these meetings theoretically about every second Wednesday from 12:30 to 17:00. The place is not yet decided, but at the moment I think it will in . Maybe we will “travel”, i.e. have our meetings at varying places.

The word “sinoditalgud” was born already on A wise decision. It had been resting for almost a week and woke up today during a Jitsi session with another friend.

This “talgutiim” will be a truly apostolic team: I am its “responsible leader” (nobody except me is responsible to stay with us until the end), its members have been “appointed” by me (I asked them one by one whether they like the idea and whether they agree to help me). The team has a clear and timely limited goal: help me to write a first suggestion of what I have to say at the Synod on Synodality. The job of the team will be theoretically done on March 31th, when I will submit my report to the official core team.

About the language: some members aren’t good in English and some other members aren’t good in Estonian. I feel that I must write in English rather than in Estonian. Our bee sessions will probably be more in Estonian than in English.