This website is my private project. You can contribute by giving your feedback.

How to support me

Besides sending an occasional feedback, you might want to help me more systematically.

First of all, if you believe with me that this website is useful, I ask you to pray for me and for this project.

As a second step, you may formulate a benediction.

As a third step, if you have money, you may contribute financially to this project in order to encourage and motivate me. I am currently doing this as a volunteer job in my spare time, but I am also a husband, family father, entrepreneur and have miscellaneous social engagements. If you are interested, let us talk about ways to contribute financially.

Instead of contributing money, you may contribute your time. You can actively help me with this website by suggesting changes. Changes include modifications in existing pages, writing new pages, and reviewing the general structure and presentation of the website. Our biggest challenge will probably be that you need to be patient because I am resistant to advice. It is not enough to tell me “Hey Luc, what you write on page X is bullshit”, you also need to collaborate with me for finding a solution that is acceptable for both of us. As long as the project has no income, you need to work for free, as I do. On the other hand, the assistants will probably be the first salaried workers in case .