About the Kingdom of God

What do I mean when I talk about the Kingdom of God? Good question.

I will start with my suggestion of a definition.

Kingdom of God

The visible seen as a “kingdom” where divine law applies. An early term for the common heritage of mankind.

Kingdom of Heaven

Seems that this is just a synonym for the Kingdom of God.

divine law

An unwritten set of laws that apply “by nature” or “in reality”. It is not written into any book. We ignore most of it, though we sometimes forget this.



res communis

Term derived from Roman law that preceded today’s concepts of the commons and common heritage of mankind. It has relevance in international law and common law.


common heritage of mankind

The territorial areas and elements of humanity’s common cultural and natural heritage.


International law seems to say that the common heritage of mankind should be held in trust for future generations and be protected from exploitation by individual nation states or corporations.