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In September 2021 the Bishop asked me whether I’d agree to be the Synodal Contact Person. And I accepted (How I got appointed). I then called a number of people, asking them whether they would join a team to help me with this job. This team (I call it the sinoditiim in Estonian) received benediction and was officially presented to the public on 2021-10-17 in the Cathedral (The opening mass).


The team appointed by the Bishop to help me with my official report to be submitted to the Vatican in August 2022.

In September and October 2021, the first big job of the sinoditiim was to produce a website where we invited people to participate in the consultation phase ( Consenting on the content of this website was a lot of work, and we can be gratefully proud about it.

Between January and March 2022, as a private initiative and against the advice of the sinoditiim, I lead a project of writing an inter-confessional report and submitted this document to the sinoditiim on 2022-03-31, the end of the consultation phase.

We received a total of 17 reports during the consultation phase, 9 of which were meeting summaries, 8 were individual statements. Compared to other countries this is a very small number. But that’s our reality here in Estonia. Most Estonians aren’t Christian, and most Christians aren’t Catholic.

In April 2022, the sinoditiim started the discernment phase, which we terminated in June 2022. During this phase our job was to synthesize all reports. This work was confidential. As a team we took confidentiality seriously and were careful when speaking in public. That’s for example because speaking in public always carries the danger of saying something that hurts other people.

On 2022-05-27 the sinoditiim had produced a first internal draft of a 10 pages report (“Sinodi kohtumised Eesti Apostellikus Administratuuris”), which reflected quite well what many Catholics in Estonia would say at the Synod. It is a synthesis of the 17 reports that had been submitted during the consultation phase. Thanks to the editor for her work. All members of the sinoditiim except me agreed to this synthesis without discussion.

Until 2022-06-20 I wrote My conclusion (June 2022), which will hopefully be added to the synthesis.