First meeting of the sinoditalgutiim

The first meeting of the sinoditalgutiim took place in Pirita convent on 2022-02-16. We were 6 participants (2 of the planed 8 participants had to cancel in the last minute). We started in the chapel with a short prayer with songs from Taizé, then had dinner together (which was “integral part of the meeting” and an occasion for making acquaintance), then two working sessions in the library of the convent. At 16h30 we had coffee, administrative talk (“how to continue?”) and a final spontaneous prayer session and finished with the Adsumus prayer. Two members also participated in the Holy Mass led by father Artur.

As our instrumentum laboris we didn’t use the 24 pages version 9 draft that I had prepared 2022-01-31 (because too much of it needed revision after Say good bye to “my draft”), but a new draft with “only” 8 pages: 20220216.pdf

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I also invite you to read The fundamental question before our meeting.