Say good bye to “my draft”

Monday, February 7, 2022 (05:23)

Yes, after a night of sleep (see New agenda without the vision) it seems clear now: my draft report is no longer needed. Until now I had been asking people to read the “draft of my report” and to send me their feedback (“Does it lack something important?” “Does it say something you don’t agree with?”). Now I declare it as “unmaintained” until further notice. It has done its job. Whether it has done a good job, that’s a good question. It has done some good and some harm. Some people didn’t join the sinoditalgutiim because my draft was too long, too biased, or too offending. It remains there as a source of inspiration and for those who still have comments to say about it.

Some critical comments from others about the draft:

  • “some links take me to the blog, which means the definitions placed are that of your opinion (e.g. the part of collective and individual sins)”

  • “you just express your own opinions, and you leave out many opinions that have been expressed during our meetings.”

Some positive comments from others about the draft:

  • “You have an exciting vision. We’ll see how much of a prophet you are-or future generations will. You’ve given us permission to live with our fears. This is wise and in itself is a symptom of synodical thinking.” – We’ll see how much of a prophet you are

  • “You have done a great job and walked through the important facets of the life of church. You try to understand our era as a whole and offer solutions that suitable for a united functioning of the church.” – Thursday, December 30, 2021 (14:41)

  • “It seems that this is a sincere text, sparkling with love to God and your fellows.” – Friday, December 31, 2021 (12:21)

  • “Thank you for giving the unborn a voice. I really love this beautiful suggestion.” – Two replies about abortion

  • “The creation of the “Synodal Church” is a very futuristic idea, but maybe the only way to unite the Catholic church with the other denominations.” – Bishop of Rome

  • “You painted such a vivid picture of what it would entail that I began to ask myself if this was something real? (…) I would like some clarification on this as I feel that if this Synodal church does not exist, then the writings under it are very opinionated.” – Sunday, January 9, 2022 (14:42)

Some ideas that I might reuse:

  • An architectural problem (The opposite of a schism, …)

  • Teaching the unexplainable

  • The Church is not a truth provider

  • What does “synodality” mean?

  • My private “plans to save the world” (e.g. LLLP and The Lutsu manifesto) are not topic of the Synod, so we don’t need to speak about them.