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Final sprint for my input to the Synod

Friday, November 19, 2021 (14:21)

This morning I felt once more how the last pieces of a jigsaw puzzle match together. I am in a final sprint for my personal input to the Synod.

  • I had the vision and wrote it down: A vision. My personal input to the Synod will start with this vision. This vision is quite similar to what I wrote already three days ago, which can be considered as a foreboding.

  • I realized that I must do this alone and I must do it now. I must no longer wait for feedback or support from others. Of course I am not alone on this journey, have never been nor will I ever be. But this particular step must be done by me alone. I adapted the Your feedback is welcome and How to support me pages accordingly.

  • I realigned the The Synodal Church page into the context of this website: actually it is just yet another of my projects, and it might not be my last.

  • I started to write a letter to the Secretariat of the Synod, asking them to consider my vision.

I find it interesting to note that I was interrupted several times. A first interruption was because I had to fix a tube in our bathroom. For this I had to go to a shop. A little practical job in the real world. I consider such interruptions as important. This interruption was itself interrupted by an accident: I lost my purse in the bus. Fortunately I got it back, but this took about two more hours. And a third interruption was a common prayer, which I used to share my idea with the participants, asking them to pray for me. This showed me that my idea must indeed go to the Vatican now because it touches a topic for which the “end users” lack interest. A fourth interruption was a visit in a family of atheist friends where I heard strong convictions regarding vaccination and same-sex marriage (two hot topics in Estonia). And as a fifth interruption, we watched in our family the second half of Brother Sun, Sister Moon, a 1972 movie by Franco Zeffirelli about Francis of Assisi.