About love

The Good News calls me to “love God, and to love my neighbour as myself” (Mt 22:37-39).

  • Loving God means that I seek Him everywhere, that I ask how He wants me to act in any given situation, that I love the whole world because He created it and gave it to us as a gift, that I care for that gift, that I share it with all other living beings.

  • Loving my neighbour means that I behave towards them as I would like them to behave towards me, that I consider all humans as my siblings and am benevolent towards them, that I build bridges and to fill abysses between “us” and “them”.

  • Loving myself means that I care for my body and my soul. It includes working for education, wisdom and success. It includes caring for my private property and increasing my wealth.

Note the ordering: first comes God, then your neighbour (“as important as the first”), and last comes you (potentially just because Jesus assumed it as obvious).

About neighbourly love

neighbourly love

Love towards your neighbour. Where “neighbour” does not mean the guy who lives next door but every individual human you happen to meet in your life.

Neighbourly love means to love our fellow humans as much as ourselves, i.e. that we assign the same priority to their needs as to our needs. It means that we see the other as an enrichment and not as an obstacle.

Neighbourly love is more than tolerance, charity or altruism. It doesn’t mean that we continue to believe that actually “we” are right and let “them” have “what they want” because we are tolerant, generous or selfless.

Neighbourly love doesn’t mean that we are indifferent, “give in” and let the other side “win” just because we are fed up of discussing with them.