Wednesday, December 29, 2021 (06:37)

Today I received miscellaneous responses to my fictive report and digested them.


Kui sa tahad kirjutada paavstile, siis kirjuta talle kirja. Aga siin oled nagu õpilane, kes sai eksamiküsimusest valesti aru. Sa pidid ju kirjutama, mida teised arvavad, mitte omaenda arvamuse! (v: Wednesday, December 29, 2021 (06:37))

  • Sa ei saa ju öelda (18), et Paavst jätab katoliku kiriku maha! “Delegeerimine” tähendab selles kontekstis “maha jätmine”! (v: vabandust, aga ma ei saa aru, mis mõttes delegeerimine tähendab maha jätmist)

  • Asi pole mitte nii, nagu sina kirjeldad. Sinodaalsus tähendab minu meelest “Kui 2 või kolm on minu nimel koos, siis olen ma nende keskel”. Sellel ideel oleks jumet. Aga sina propageerid Kiriku kumardamist ja ülemaailmse institutiooni loomist! Ma ei usu sellesse visiooni. See on viljatu unistus. Oikumeeniline kirik tegi seda ka juba.

I added a post scriptum to my reply to Urmas (How to discuss about vaccination) after realizing that he is right in an important point, which I forgot to see immediately (see there). I started a new page about Detachment. I moved the definition of holy indifference (which until now was inline in Elder Generation in a multigenerational Community) to the Detachment page because they are related.

A brother from Taizé wrote “Bon courage dans le “désert”! Je pense qu’aujourd’hui ce que Dieu demande à beaucoup de chrétiens est une persévérance humble et patiente, qui portera des fruits sans doute beaucoup plus tard.”

None of these two know about my report, but these two incidents inspired me to extend item (62).

I started several new documents under Appendix: The Church must be as transparent as possible, The church is not a Kingdom of this world and Announce it to all the peoples.

In (2) and (8) of the report I added some text to answer [R1].

I added the idea: “The teachings of the Church are probably the biggest and most complex documentation library…” (item 42) and expanded items (41) and (43), inspired among others by a voice session with a Lino contributor yesterday.

I fixed a few grammar mistakes, (74) : “Encouraged and inspired by the vision, I listened to people who …” –> “I listened to people who, encouraged and inspired by the vision, …”

I published version 3 of the fictive report.

I read br. Alois’ letter from Taizé for 2022: Becoming Creators of Unity.