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Change history

Here is a history of the changes in my report.


Published version 1. Created a mailinglist TODO: get the archive to be visible.

A first reaction was that the fictive character of the document needs to be expressed more clearly in the title and the introduction.

Published version 2.


See Wednesday, December 29, 2021 (06:37).

Published version 3.


See Monday, January 3, 2022 (02:04).

Published version 4.


Some grammar and style optimizations.

Published version 5.


Changes after feedback regarding abortion. Changes regarding abortion.

Published version 6.


I replaced “apostolic management” by apostolic governance.


I reviewed item (18) as a reaction to Bishop of Rome.

I extended (37) to add some clarifications (see ):doc:/blog/2022/0109_1442).

Published version 7.


I published version 8, which comes together with four pages of “instructions for contributors” in a separate document. See An inter-confessional report. There were lots of input that lead to these changes, but I did not yet manage to them all.


I published version 9: odt | pdf (modified on 2022-02-17 to fix a copyright issue).


I published version 10: odt | pdf. This version was used as the instrumentum laboris for our first meeting.