Am I saying just “my opinion”?

Thursday, July 28, 2022 (06:19)

Is the inter-confessional report just my opinion? Or more precisely: is the synthesis written by the sinoditiim less “the opinion of a single person” than my report?

Some numbers: My draft is based on the opinions expressed by more than 100 persons. (This number is estimated; some interviews were short and spontaneous.)

Between December 2021 and March 2022 I wrote 78 blog entries (6 in December, 25 in January, 18 in February and 29 in March) where I quote feedback received to my draft and write how it impacts my report. Here they are:

And now compare this to how the sinoditiim wrote their synthesis. We asked the priests in Estonia to organize consultation meetings. We received 9 meeting reports and 8 individual responses. Then 5 team members were each assigned two of the 10 topics and instructed to read all these responses, pick out the passages that seemed relevant for their topics and send the result of their findings to the main editor. Then the main editor wrote a 10 pages document based on the input of the five members.

I did as instructed, but in my answer wrote that the job is actually impossible to do:

Kolm dokumenti ([2], [6] ja [7]) on struktureeritud 10 teemade järgi. Nende vastused kopeerisin ja eemaldasin mõned osad, mis tundusid mulle selgesti ebaoluliseks. Minu enda juhitud rapordis ([4]) on 4 ettepanekut („steps“), mida ma ei oskaks 10 teemadesse hajutada. Minu meelest peaksime oma sünteesi pigem struktureerida põhiküsimuse järgi, 10 teemad olid ainult inspiratsiooniks.

We never spoke about my worries. It is true that my suggestions came too late. I should have written them at least in beginning of April after our first meeting.